Isn’t it time you experienced the beauty of nature naturally?

APPLE & BEARS invite you to discover the power and purity of nature with our exclusive Luxury Body Wash Collection – created for today’s ethical man and woman.

Our environmentally friendly collection promotes a healthy skin and planet by using the finest sustainably sourced and Eco-certified natural and organic ingredients that harness the healing powers of nature, whilst remaining true and gentle to your skin.

Pure, natural extracts and gentle aromas cleanse, nurture and nourish your skin for an indulging and renewing bath and shower experience.

Our natural and organic ingredients produce a pure blend that cleanses impurities gently and effectively, nourishes the skin delicately and naturally, whilst revitalising the senses with a full and luxurious foam.

Welcome to APPLE & BEARS and our truly pure and luxurious body wash collection.

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Our Philosophy

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