Introducing APPLE & BEARS Leisure Trade Platform: Catering for the Hoteliers, Gym Owners, Spa, and Affiliates


London, 15th February 2024 — APPLE & BEARS, a distinguished name in luxury natural skincare, proudly unveils the APPLE & BEARS Leisure Trade Platform, specially designed to cater to the discerning needs of hoteliers, gym owners, spas, and affiliates. With a commitment to the convergence of nature and luxury, our platform establishes an unprecedented standard in the industry, prioritizing environmental sustainability and delivering a holistic approach to wellness.

Key Features of the APPLE & BEARS Leisure Trade Platform:

  1. Refill Reusable Bottles: As part of our environmental commitment, the platform introduces refillable body care products to significantly reduce environmental impact, promoting a sustainable future.
  2. Natural Ingredients: Immerse guests in the lap of luxury with gender-neutral amenities crafted with the finest natural ingredients, ensuring a pure and indulgent experience.
  3. Cruelty-Free PETA Approved: Our products are proudly cruelty-free, endorsed by PETA, reflecting our dedication to ethical practices.
  4. Vegetarian Society Vegan-Approved: Committed to providing ethical choices, APPLE & BEARS products are Vegan-approved by the Vegetarian Society.
  5. No Contract Required: Our platform offers flexibility with no contract requirements, providing businesses the freedom to tailor their orders based on individual visions.

Environmental Commitment for a Sustainable Future:

At the heart of APPLE & BEARS' ethos lies a steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility. The Leisure Trade Platform takes a bold step by introducing refillable body care products, a significant move towards reducing environmental impact and fostering a sustainable future.

Meticulously Crafted Gender-Neutral Amenities:

Guests are invited to indulge in luxury with APPLE & BEARS' gender-neutral amenities, meticulously crafted with the finest ingredients and uplifting, refreshing fragrances.

Elevate Your Spa Experience:

Transform spas into sanctuaries of relaxation with our specially curated collection enriched with natural extracts and captivating fragrances, offering patrons a rejuvenating and holistic wellness experience.

Revitalize Your Gym Rituals:

Designed for fitness enthusiasts, our invigorating collection complements active lifestyles, providing a refreshing and energizing post-workout experience that sets a new standard for excellence.

Luxury Redefined for Hotels:

Craft welcoming and memorable stays for guests with our opulent hotel amenities. The APPLE & BEARS collection transcends the ordinary, leaving a lasting impression of sophistication and care.

Join the APPLE & BEARS Leisure Trade Community:

Become a trade member to unlock exclusive benefits, including preferential pricing, tailored promotional materials, and first-hand information on the latest releases. Collaborate with a brand committed to excellence and sustainability.

Eco-Friendly Commitment and Customizable Packages:

Embrace sustainability with cruelty-free and environmentally conscious products. Tailor orders to suit the unique needs of businesses, fostering a personalized touch that aligns with individual visions.

Embark on a Journey of Luxury, Wellness, and Eco-Consciousness:

APPLE & BEARS believes in creating everyday luxury without compromising the welfare of our planet. Our mission extends beyond high-quality skincare products — we aim to deliver a luxurious and ethically responsible skincare experience that makes customers feel good inside and out. Partner with us, and you're not just getting skincare; you're contributing to the welfare of our planet. This journey is not just ours; it's a shared path with you.

Visit Leisure Trade Platform to explore offerings and secure membership. Join hands with APPLE & BEARS to elevate the leisure experience for patrons.

Best Regards,

Kay Butt CEO/Co-founder

 APPLE & BEARS Leisure Trade Team

Press Release: Prnewswire uk